Cecilia Plaza, COMPOSITUM COSMÉTICOS founder, extensive experienced in the cosmetology area .


Our system diagnostic evidence show all errors on skin typology.


Activation and stimulation of structures involved in the aging process of skin tissue


COMPOSITUM COSMÉTICOS implement a new multilevel model, fully innovative and highly effective business.


COMPOSITUM COSMÉTICOS was cosmetically needed care born with an eficient < strong>ANTI-AGING PROGRAM for a final goal people.

Its creation, treat to offer as innovetion a product of professional features, technical specifications under strict rigor and commitment of the guarantee.

Decades ago, from its birth, cosmetology canons diagnostic skin classified settled, gagging her and condemning her to be treated forever under these rigid and erroneous precepts. COMPOSITUM COSMÉTICOS marks a radical difference in the world market, proving the invalidity of the theory.

The innovation lies in a correct COMUNICATION with the skin providing diagnosis and treatment of proven and unique features.

Why Compositum Cosméticos?

Superior efficacy

Our products line for skin hygiene and maintenance makes absolute repair targets are met. COMPOSITUM COSMÉTICOS a perfect tool for skin professionals can have confidence.

Natural funcitons

COMPOSITUM COSMÉTICOS is the product line formulated as CPS METHODOLOGY. It is containing 90 % active phytotherapeutic, and each is designed to act exactly on every skin layer, and recovers its natural functions offering its best.

Our target

The priority that drives our company is transform all prescriber as a professional, for the benefit of all our users . For that reason, we have a CONTINUING EDUCATION, Our customers deserve nothing less than a excellence grade.

Our path

It is in all disciplines, a deep study, work and development through our area I + D + I in the development of new cosmetic .