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The DERMOEPIDERMAL SERUM is a defense and restructuring serum, in which active principles have been used that turn the epidermis into a protective shield and the dermis into an elastic support of deep hydration.



DERMOEPIDERMAL SERUM is a specific product whose function is to contribute daily to the skin, all the necessary elements so that its structures, both dermal and epidermal, are stimulated deeply, and by this natural action, stop the aging process. The answer, then, will not be given by the product, as is the case with the entire COMPOSITUM CPS line. We seek that the answer is in the SKIN.

As a fundamental and specific note, the treatment of DERMOEPIDERMAL SERUM, one of its lines of competence, is based on the intensive stimulation of the Langerhans Cells (Epidermis), which translates into an automatic immunoprotective reinforcement, in all the treated tissue. A skin with its powerful defensive system is a skin that responds forcefully and forcefully against all the harmful agents that would otherwise deteriorate it. Immunity is a guarantee of regulation and resistance.

The trio vitamin (A; E; C) that collects the epidermis, acts reinforcing, nourishing and depigmenting in that stratum. In the dermis, the action of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, structure the tissue support, providing firmness, nutrition, reaffirmation and fundamentally hydration.

The DERMOEPIDERMAL SERUM is therefore a defense and restructuring serum, in which active ingredients have been used that provide firmness, instantaneous elasticity and hydronutrition. It prevents premature cell death and guarantees its longevity and youth.

It acts within the protective mechanism of cellular DNA to slow its degeneration.


TEPEZCOHUITE: Antioxidant and regenerator of the first order, recover damaged tissue.
COLAGENUM: Essential protein that forms the support and support of the skin.
ELASTINE: Essential protein that confers resistance and elasticity to the tissues.
HYALURONIC ACID: Mucopolysaccharide that is part of the Fundamental Substance of tissue. Structure that is capable of absorbing large amounts of water, being responsible for the water reservoir of the dermis. (Hydration).
VITAMIN COMPLEX: Defense, nutrition, protection, softness, uniformity, firmness and freshness.


Apply in the morning and at night, after cleansing and balancing the skin. Continue with the usual Treatment Program.